Saturday, November 14, 2009

Craft room

I have had a few people ask me about where I do my scrapbooking. Well here are some pictures. It is actually a very small storage closet. It isn't much, but it is mine.

This is my wall of storage. I have several of the making memories storage system from Michael's. This is where all my scrapbooks, samples, papers etc etc etc are held.

The two boxes with flourishes on it hold my CTMH stamps. This area has all of my accessories - brads, buttons, stamp sets, pens, scissors, etc etc etc. Also, my cropadile, heat tool and brayer type tools are in the bottom drawer.

This is an area that houses some of my punches, ribbon and cards. It is a continuation of the last picture. Of course, the desk that I work on is here too. I got this table from Ikea.

This is my inks, punches, ribbon rounds, adhesives etc etc etc. It is within easy grasp for everything I need.

This is a picture from the door. As you can see it is just plain drywall and there is no ceiling . It is nothing special, but it gives me a space to get away. There is also a lock on the door so if the kids feel so inclined to start snooping, I can just lock it away. Also, if I am working on a project that I don't want anyone to see, I can lock it up. This is one of my favourite spaces in my house. The pictures make it look a lot smaller than it is. Don't get me wrong, it is a small space but there is still enough room for me.

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  1. Hey nice room. Where did you find that stamp holder? I would like to get one too my space is really small and the hanging on the wall would def help alot.