Monday, September 7, 2009

deciding to get organized

I finally did it! Several weeks ago I spent several hours (28 to be exact) sorting my pictures online into years, occassions, months, family member etc. It took forever and I have actually been keeping up with it pretty good. My intention was to get them all in one place so I could back them up. Well tonight we were looking for a disk and came across several CD's with photos on them. Oh boy, now I need to go through them all. So needless to say I took on the project and went through several disks ensuring I don't duplicate pictures....... But FINALLY it is all (well almost) finished. All my photos are now backed up onto a flash drive - even though there are a few left to be sorted. All this stemmed from us losing some pictures of my son's 3rd birthday. How do you ever get those back? What do you do when they are gone? We managed to recover 11 of them out of about 40. At least there will be some for future scrapbooking and reference.

If you are looking to get your photos organized and want some pointers on how I did it, feel free to ask. I am always happy to share my techniques with everyone.


  1. well you are way ahead of me when it comes to organzing everything else. But not this!!! lol. I'm a real freak about knowing exactly how old my kids were in pictures, so I have always sorted my photos into monthly folders for each year. When I didnt have a digi camera, just a 35mm, I used to write on the calendar every time I took a picture and what the photo was of, so when my pics were developed I could pull the calendar off the wall and date the pictures... lol Now I do have a camera that date stamps my photos, but I still organize them on the computer into monthly folders each year.

    I started working on my stamp collection last night... haha. I got maybe 7 stamps done so far. I plan to finish the rest tonight :)

  2. You go girl. I have photos in different places. Some in the computer, some in drawers, some in the albums in the photo storage pages, some in old albums. How do you organize that? Just kidding!

  3. Holy cow Penny - that is AMAZINGLY organized. I am working on getting there. I agree that if you don't do it as you go, it becomes an overwhelming process.

    Leslie. Your project sounds like something I would LOVE. I sorted pictures for my mom a few months back that went back to 1960ish. Good thing there weren't as many pictures taken in the earlier days. I had pictures EVERYWHERE and it took me several days - long long days to do. Mom still doesn't have a digital camera so it is all film. Kind of makes it easier to be exact. Whatever was in photo albums I didn't touch. I am looking for ways to remove photos from photo albums now. From everything I have found it looks like a long, slow painful process. So, my only suggestion for you is one step at a time.... That should get it done in no time. lol

  4. I just stumbled upon your blog and love it.

  5. What an undertaking that must have been. It's one that I desperately need to do as well. It's the countless hours that is keeping me from it, however.

    I'm glad that you got this done.