Friday, August 21, 2009

Stamp books

These are a couple of albums that I made for my stamps. I find it so much easier to be able to flip through a book to get inspiration instead of pulling out each of my stamp sets. I also find it easier to figure out how to integrate several stamp sets together. I got the CTMH album at Michael's. It is Lilac Mist colour so I stamped all the stamp sets in Lilac Mist. I also printed off labels for each page with the stamp name and number. Right now they aren't in any particular order I just needed to get it done. I will probably work on it again sometime but for now it works. That is all I need. Now I just need to keep up on putting my stamp sets into it. I think that the new little binders that CTMH has would be really cute for this purpose. I was just too impatient. I had the time and wanted to do it NOW!!! lol

This is the book I made with my bind it all machine. I used a uhh uhh - the word won't come to me right now - the binding - but it was too small so I need to get a bigger one and do it again. I will decorate the front of this as well but again just haven't gotten to it. I also have to set up labels for it. This is for my Stampin Up! stamps. People who have seen it in person have actually asked me to help make one for them. It is actually very cute in person.

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  1. I saw you post about this on the boards. Where other people are cutting the stamp pictures they have out of the idea books, and other people are scanning and printing them, this idea you have here is so fantastic, because then not only do you see the stamps, but also the ACTUAL size of the stamp. Plus like you said on the board, you are conditioning them at the same time. This really is an awesome idea, I'm totally gonna copy you... lol, I might post it to my blog and of course I will give you all the credit :)

    I wonder how long it will take??? bleh... I only have about 70 stamp sets, so maybe a day??