Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's nights like tonight that I love

I think that nights like tonight are a lot of fun - it was card club night. There were 2 members who had rough days (putting it mildly) and I was really hoping that tonight would cheer them up. It is amazing when people come together, vent a little, create a card or two how it eases the mind even if only for a moment. I think I realized tonight that card club can be more than just "papercrafting". It is a place to relax, vent and just be. I really enjoyed tonight.

One of the cards that we did was the Iris fold Christmas Tree card. I know that everyone looked at it thinking - holy cow!!! However, the cards turned out GREAT and I think each member was surprised at how easy it truly is. I love giving people new techniques and tools to try out. It is even better when it is something you would never attempt on your own and you are wowed by the process. Like I said, I really enjoyed tonight.

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