Monday, October 5, 2009

Hmmm, need your opinion

I have made a couple more Christmas cards. The first one is the one that I need HONEST opinions on. What should be different on this card? Change the colour of the bottom cuttlebug part? I used Jingle paper and Juniper ink.

I think this card turned out so cute. It is simple yet warm. Give your opinions on this one too please

I made a criss cross card and am going to use it for gift cards. I will attach the gift card with repositional adhesive so it won't wreck the card when it comes off. I used Evensong paper on this one.


  1. Very cute, what if you dusted the raised portion of the cuttlebug bottom with a bit of the tulip or juniper?

  2. I would move the "horizon" line of the white daisy lower on the snowman so it's not right at the top of the bottom ball. Otherwise I think it's super cute! And I love that second one as well. Criss cross cards are so cute.

  3. Great suggestions. Thank you so much. I agree with them both.

  4. Hey Janelle,
    Great cards as usual!! I think the snowman looks like he's being cut in half (or in third, I guess hee,hee) If the cuttlebug design started a little lower or higher it might change that. :) I really love the second card! Man I wish I had that stamp set, hmmmmm.

  5. These are all fabulous. I agree with the others on moving the embossed piece down or up a bit. I truly love the card and love the look of both halves. And you hit the other cards out of the ballpark. Both are absolutely wonderful.