Friday, July 17, 2009

Emporium bulk cards from Calgary Regionals

These are a few cards that I made with a friend of mine for our Mom's group - Home By Choice. These cards are for people who have come to speak at our group, members who have birthdays or any other significant occassion in the lives of the people who touch our group.

I got the recipe from our Calgary Regional convention. I believe it was Jody Peck that designed the cards using the Wishes book (love that book). I am certain there was another ladies name on the receipe, but forgive me as I can't remeber who it was. If anyone can remember please let me know. We made 2 of each design. The cards are very simple and can be made quickly. So when you are needing a lot of cards created to have on hand, these are the perfect design.

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  1. Very cute. Simple cards have a nice appeal. :)