Sunday, December 18, 2011

A few more days

I can't believe how fast Christmas has snuck up on me. I am generally ready by mid November only leaving the last minute items for - well - last minute. This year I am truly behind. I make a calendar every year for my 96 year old Nanny and my mom. This year however I am doing 3 extras for a couple of additions to our family this year. Yeah, I have only done 2 so far.....I am also making bird feeders for my mom and allowing each child to make one. This will take me 3 days as I only have 1 container to do the shaping. Plus I have 2 more glass blocks to make along with sorting and wrapping all the gifts. This week is also crazy busy with school Christmas events, one special 5 year old's birthday and other events for the kids to wrap up the season before Christmas. I sound like I am complaining but rather just a bit overwhelmed. I know that everything will get done and it will all be wonderful! I am looking forward to one week from today - oh actually I guess yesterday now......

Merry Christmas all!!!

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